Galen Myotherapy Dog Massage Workshops

Workshops with Lucy Tyrrell
Workshops with Lucy Tyrrell

Galen Myotherapy is a unique and highly specialised manual and exercise management therapy in dogs. It uses appropriate, effective and targeted massage techniques and exercise to manage chronic muscular pain, reduce inflammation and to maximise muscle function.

Some information from Lucy about what to expect from the workshop:

“From this workshop, you will find out more about Galen Myotherapy. We will look into how and why it works.  You will learn a little more about what is going on under the skin of the dog and how massage techniques can have an influence on this”


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The Workshop

This three-hour workshop will teach you how to apply three simple techniques and how and when you could use these on your dogs. You will be taught to use these techniques in a safe and effective way.

A print out from the Powerpoint Presentation is also provided.

We will also be looking at some simple exercises you can do with your dog at home which will focus on improving overall muscle balance and health.

We run regular Galen Myotherapy Workshops.

The Cost

£45.00 per person.

Spectator places available at £30.00.

Lucy offers muscle balance tests to 6 dogs at the end of each talk.  Spaces are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.  These are charged at an additional £5.00.

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