2-in-1 Hanging Tunnel and Hammock

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Can be used as either a hanging tunnel or a hammock. Your rat/ferret/hamster will love it!

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The 2-in-1 Hanging Tunnel and Hammock can be used as either a hanging tunnel or a hammock.  We are sure that your rat/ferret/hamster will love it because of its soft material.  All small rodents love climbing and hiding, meaning this is the perfect product for them.  


Many caged animals have to endure hours of boredom, which is unhealthy for them.  In their natural habitat they would spend hours per day foraging, nest building, etc.  Whilst it is not possible to replicate this environment completely, it is important to try.  Hiding their food around their cage and creating different resting levels is one easy change you can make.  You can also consider creating different surfaces for them to encounter, such as the plush material of this hammock.  It’s really important for a caged animal’s health and welfare that you do as much as you can to keep them stimulated.

Benefits of the 2-in-1 Hanging Tunnel and Hammock

  • This hanging small furry toy is made from luxurious plush fabric that will appeal to all pets and owners.
  • This hammock has a wipe-clean nylon base, consequently less litter and waste sticks to it.
  • This hammock is machine washable to 30 degrees, meaning it’s an hygienic option for your pet’s cage.


There are unfortunately many unwanted small animals in the UK.  Consider giving a rescue animal a home, rather than purchasing from a pet shop.  Further information can be found here.

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