ACME Dog Whistle


The perfect dog whistle to aid recall and distance control.





ACME dog whistles are top quality whistles.  There are many different dog whistles on the market, but they are far from equal.  Many just don’t offer a good enough sound to grasp a dog’s attention when required.

Pitches of the ACME Dog Whistle:

ACME 210: Ultra high pitch whistle, fitted with a metal pea. Produces a roll sound.  Suitable for all breeds of dog.

ACME 210.5:  Produces a solid tone with a single, extremely high pitch frequency. Preferred by Spaniel and Pointer trainers.

ACME 211.5:  This whistle is very similar to the 210 1/2 whistle, but produces an even higher pitch.   Preferred by Retriever trainers.


Please note, that due to health issues this is a non-returnable item, unless the product is faulty.


Don’t forget your Lanyard!  

 ACME Dog Whistle 
Pet Necessities recommends this product for:

ACME dog whistles can be useful in teaching your dog a recall, especially Gundogs.  However dogs are not pre-trained at understanding what three peeps on a whistle means, you have to train it in the following way:

  • Firstly, be patient.  Appreciate that it can take many weeks to teach your dog a reliable recall with a whistle when distractions are present.  The big thing to remember is not to go too fast, otherwise you will ruin all your hard work.
  • Start by teaching your dog in the house with no distractions present.  A few times a day, when your dog is near you, give three peeps of the whistle and reward him straight away.  You can also blow the whistle three times before giving him his meals.  You want your dog to associate the whistle with food.  
  • Your next step is to blow the whistle when your dog is a few steps away from you, but not too distracted.  Reward as he returns to you.  Then practise when he is on the other side of the room.  Only when he is doing this consistently can you start to increase the distance between you (i.e. call him from another room).  Then, increase the level of distraction (with other people present, for example).
  • Over the next few weeks practise using your whistle in the garden.  Only blow it when you are pretty sure he will return; you want to avoid your dog ignoring the whistle due to too many distractions.
  • Then you can start using it on walks; by now it should be automatic that your dog hears the whistle and comes straight back to you.  Gradually build up the level of distractions, only increasing them when he is consistently responding.  
  • Remember – it is important to have a verbal recall command as well.  You may not always have your whistle with you, or your dog might not be that far away from you, meaning a whistle is not required.     

ACME dog whistles can be used with Long Lines and squeaky toys found in this section, or in conjunction with the following dog treats: Nature’s Menu Treats, Fish4Dogs Super Star Training Treats or Kronch Salmon Treats.


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210, 210 1/2, 211 1/2


Black, Purple, Chocolate Brown

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