Acticat Cat Tunnel

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The Acticat Play Tunnel can provide great fun for you and your cat.

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The Acticat Cat Tunnel can provide great fun for you and your cat. 


Cats like to sleep and hide in dark, warm places and this tunnel is a fine example of a cosy cat retreat.  If you have a nervous cat, they might appreciate a safe place to hide when they are worried.  Also, in a multi-cat household there needs to be many resourceful areas for your cats to hide in and escape to.


You can play great games with this tunnel, encouraging your cat to go through after a toy. Alternatively, they can play by themselves with the crinkly material, or with the toy that is hanging from the entrance.  

Benefits of the Acticat Cat Tunnel

  • Cats love the crinkly material
  • Helps to relieve boredom
  • Free toy included


Measures 27cm in diameter, and 48cm in length.


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