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Anco Roots are a long-lasting chew that your pet will love. Created from an eco-sustainable source and completely natural.  A natural toothbrush or beak trimmer.



Created from an eco-sustainable source:

  • Anco Roots are hand-harvested in protected areas to ensure there is no damage to the roots
  • Only the tuber of the root is harvested, which then sprouts again
  • They are limited to a responsible number each year, keeping the ecological impact to a minimum 

 Anco Roots make perfect dog chews.

  • Long-lasting
  • 100% completely natural product
  • Pure, durable, and environmentally friendly
  • 100% untreated natural tree root

Roots for dogs:

Anco Roots give your dog a prolonged chewing experience

Chewing releases feel-good chemicals from the brain and keeps dogs happy, busy and using up energy. Anco Roots are a long-lasting chew that your dog will love.  They are suitable for dogs of all ages, including puppies who are teething.

Anco Roots are great for teething puppies.

Anco Roots are safe and won’t splinter or chip.  They clean the dog’s teeth and naturally, they don’t contain additives or preservatives. As with any chews, always supervise your dog.  Make sure your dog is gnawing and not bearing down hard.  Do not leave in the elements.

Anco Roots natural dog chew


Anco Roots for birds:

Roots serve as natural beak trimmers for your budgie, parrot or cockatoo!


Anco Roots for small furries:

Roots are also suitable for rodents (e.g. mouse, rat) and rabbits for stimulation and as a natural toothbrush.


  • Extra small (weighing between 65 and 100g)
  • Small (weighing between 100 and 300g)
  • Medium – OUT OF STOCK
  • Large – OUT OF STOCK
  • Extra Large – OUT OF STOCK


Roots are a natural product and size is determined by weight.

There will be some variation between the size and shape of each Root.

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Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

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1 review for Anco Roots

  1. Vicki

    This is just briliant! Merlin, our dog, loves it, and spends hours happily chewing. My other half much prefers having this around the house than the raw bones I had been giving him, and it is lasting ages. He used to try and steal sticks to chew up but now seems very happy with this option instead. I am also convinced this has saved our shoes during his puppy-chewing phase, and now he is older it is one of his favourite things to have. I particularly like the fact it is a natural product that is ethically sourced … and there is no mess to clear up which is much nicer than the lumps of plastic we used to have scattered around when he used to regularly destroy his other toys!

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