BUSTER Inflatable Soft Dog Collar


Great for dogs recovering from surgery or wounds.



The BUSTER Inflatable Soft Collar is soft, comfortable, and it does not interfere with a dog’s peripheral vision or their ability to eat and drink.  It is the perfect collar for dogs recovering from surgery or wounds.

Benefits of the Buster Inflatable Soft Dog Collar:

  • Comfortable to wear while recovering from surgery 
  • Tough fabric will not rip or tear
  • Machine washable
  • Will not mark or scratch furniture

 Buster Soft Collar Large

For larger breeds with longer limbs, or breeds in-between sizes, always size up.


  • Small. Suitable for breeds such as Jack Russell Terrier, Sheltie.  Outer diameter 22 cm, inner diameter 7 cm.
  • Medium. Suitable for breeds such as Cocker Spaniel, Tibetan Terrier.  Outer diameter 25.5 cm, inner diameter 11 cm.


Buster Soft Collar Small

The Buster Soft Dog Collar is perfect for any dog recovering from surgery (e.g. neutering) or if they have a wound that they will not stop licking.  This is because the collar will obstruct the dog’s ability to reach the wound whilst still allowing them to move around the home and sleep comfortably.



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Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, XXL

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