Clicker Training for your Horse – Alexandra Kurland

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Learn how to clicker train your horse, for effective and fun training in all areas.

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In this remarkable book, Alexandra Kurland shows you how and why positive reinforcement and shaping are so effective when training horses.  Throughout Clicker Training for your Horse – Alexandra Kurland leads you through the new methodology of clicker training step-by-step, so that no matter where you begin, or what happened in the past, you and your horse can learn to work more smoothly together and enjoy the mutual trust and friendship most owners only dream of having.

Clicker training is the revolutionary new method which has taken the world of training by storm. It was originally developed by Karen Pryor when training dolphins and is established as the leading force-free method of training dogs. Now clickers are proving especially effective with horses. In Clicker Training For Your Horse, top equine trainer and behaviourist Alexandra Kurland provides an entertaining and enlightening introduction to the principles of clicker training, and shows how it can be used to overcome common problems. Throughout the book, Alexandra draws on her own personal experiences, showing how she has tackled various difficulties through the magic of the clicker. From a foal’s fear of clippers, and bridling a head-shy horse, to dealing with an adult’s aggression or refusal to trailer-load, Alexandra describes each of the steps she has taken in a programme to transform her students into well-mannered, obedient and reliable individuals. Clicker training is not confined to overcoming problems or difficult behaviour, its uses are limited only by your imagination. It can be used for refining your horse’s riding skills or teaching him to lift his feet up for you to check … the sky’s the limit! With a foreword by Karen Pryor, Clicker Training For Your Horse is a must-read for every rider, whatever their ability or training experience.


Using clicker training, you can teach your horse to:

  • Follow a ‘target’ through scary places.
  • Stand quietly for grooming, shoeing and vet care.
  • Self-load onto trailers.
  • Develop good manners.
  • Play games and do tricks.
  • Excel in performance, both on the ground and when ridden.

Clicker training can be used with all horses, regardless of their age or background, and it’s not just effective, it’s FUN!


Pet Necessities recommends the use of the I-Click to get the most from this book.  Clicker training is a hands-free, ethical approach to horse training and is being used by more and more professionals worldwide.


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