CLIX Target Stick


Teach your pet to touch the end of this Target Stick with his nose.  Great for increasing confidence and improving the pet-owner bond.

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This telescopic CLIX Target Stick is an excellent accessory for clicker training for any animal.  It extends to a 70cm wand and retracts to a convenient 15cm for transport in your pocket or treat bag.  A soft rubber bulb provides a visual target to guide the animal.


With dogs, Pet Necessities recommends this product for:

  • Teaching your dog his first clicker-trained behaviour.  You can’t teach anything too challenging to start with as you can never be sure that your dog has understood the concept.  Once he is happily touching and following the stick you can progress to other behaviours.
  • Once you have a proficiently clicker-trained dog, you can use the Target Stick to extend behaviours.  For example, if you have taught your dog to walk backwards, you can get him walking further away from you by extending your arm with a Target Stick.

You can start clicker training very young dogs with the aid of the Clix Target Stick.


Pet Necessities’ Training Tips:

  • If your dog is confused with the production of the Target Stick, place something tasty (e.g. cheese spread) on the end to invite interest. 
  • Once your dog is touching the end of the stick correctly, make it harder by changing the height of the stick.  You can also encourage him to follow it for a few seconds.

To touch a Target Stick is one of the first behaviours you would normally teach when beginning to clicker train your dog.


Pet Necessities recommends the use of the Target Stick with the other products found in our Clicker Training Section.

 CLIX Target Stick


You can clicker train cats with the CLIX Target Stick:

    • As with dogs, place something tasty (e.g. fish spread) on the end to invite interest.  As your cat touches the end of the stick with his nose, “click” and then reward him.
    • Once your cat is touching the end of the stick correctly, make it harder by changing the height of the stick and making him follow it for a few seconds.


      CLIX Target Stick for training cats


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