CLIX Dog Treat Bag Red

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The perfect dog treat bag for storing all your dog training rewards.

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CLIX Dog Treat Bag is a must for the fashion-conscious but practical dog owner.  They are very functional and have been designed with many useful features.  A wide opening allows easy access to treats, while the drawstring closure ensures that it is rain and dog proof! There is a separate zipped compartment on the back of the treat bag.  This can be utilised for storage of treats, whistles, keys, poo bags, etc.


The clicker training equipment suitable for use with the Clix Treat Bag can be found in our Clicker Training Section.  Whistles and lanyards can be found in our Recall Training Section.


There are 2 methods of attachment, by using either the clip or belt loop fittings.


Pet Necessities’ Top Tips:


  • Remember that the timing of food rewards is essential!  There’s no time to look around in your coat pocket or fiddle around in that plastic bag for the piece of food. 
  • Having food in your hand when training may cue your dog to respond to you only when food is present.  A treat bag is more inconspicuous and can be hidden underneath a long coat or jumper. 
  • No more mouldy cheese in your pockets!  The Clix Treat Bag can be easily rinsed and allowed to dry, ready for the next training session.
  • Consider using a grading system when dog training so you can jackpot the best behaviours with a higher value reward.  The CLIX Dog Treat bag makes this process easy with a separate compartment at the back of the bag.
  • In conclusion, we recommend the use of this product with any of the dog treats sold by Pet Necessities.


CLIX Dog Treat Bag Red




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1 review for CLIX Dog Treat Bag Red

  1. Vicki

    To my embarrassment, my daughter was given this bag for Christmas from her Grandma. I borrowed it once (to go to Sarah’s training classes) and have never given it back .. it is a perfect size and so useful!

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