Fish4Dogs Super Stars Training Treats


Super Stars training treats are small, natural rewards packed with fish and infused with Salmon Oil.


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Fish4Dogs Super Stars Training Treats are small and natural rewards that are packed with fish and infused with Salmon Oil. This makes them perfect for reward-based training!  As with all natural treats they contain no additives or preservatives and are wheat and gluten free.  Super Star Training Treats contain over 70% fish.  Due to fish having so many health benefits for dogs, it should be included in their diet.


75g packet.


  • Fish – 34%
  • Potato – 21.3%
  • Herring Meal – 26.5%
  • Salmon Oil – 9.6%
  • Beet Fibre – 5.2%
  • Minerals – 0.8%
  • Vitamins – 0.6% 

Nutritional Analysis:

  • Protein – 28%
  • Ash – 8%
  • Oil – 16%
  • Fibre – 2%
  • Brewers Yeast – 2%
  • Vitamin A – 20,000 iu/kg
  • Vitamin E – 130 iu/kg
  • Copper – 18mg/kg 

Pet Necessities recommends this product for:

  • Fish4Dogs Super Stars Training Treats are perfect for reward-based training because they are bite-sized yet really tasty!  Therefore, your dog will not get too full, and due to their palatability they will always be left wanting more!
  • Since you reward frequently when clicker training, these make the perfect reward. Furthermore, you can click with the confidence that your dog is receiving a natural treat.
  • In conclusion, these are the perfect dog treat for reward-based training.  Finally, they are suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Fish4Dogs Super Stars Training TreatsSuper Stars Training Treats are recommended for use with the products found in our Clicker Training Section.  In addition, they can also be used in recall training, in conjunction with the whistles and long lines in our Recall Training Section.  


These dog treats are one of our most popular treats sold in our dog training classes.  We find that even those dogs that are not particularly food motivated will work for their fishy taste.  They are also popular with owners of small dogs who do not want their dogs tiny tummies getting full halfway through the training session.  In addition, our puppy owners also regularly purchase these treats as they are suitable for the sensitive tummy of a young dog.


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1 review for Fish4Dogs Super Stars Training Treats

  1. Douglas and Archie, a miniature Schnauzer

    These treats are best for training exercises on walks and as with all low calorie treats they’re quite small but have a nice fishy taste which Archie likes (and can bring him back from distance, which is a feat in itself!). They’re not his favourite treats – he wouldn’t get out of bed for them -but on a training walk where lots are required, they do the job better than any other. They’re tiny and fit easily into Archie’s treat bag, and you can hold several in your hand if you’re practising a particular exercise. Being quite small they tend not to attract too many other unwanted snouts.

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