The I-Click is user-friendly and the best clicker on the market.

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Clicker train any animal with the I-Click.  When training a dog, the quiet click of the I-Click is ideal for a class situation, or for training sound sensitive dogs; however dogs trained on a louder click still understand the sound.  Clicker training is much more widely recognised these days.  It is commonly used in cats, horses, rabbits, rats and birds as an effective training method.  It can be used to teach a wide array of tricks, but also to deal with specific training issues, e.g. to increase confidence.


The design allows you to click no matter how you are holding it.  No need to worry about having long nails, gloves on, or arthritis.  Due to its small size, the I-Click can easily be hidden in the palm of your hand, removing the worry of the clicker becoming a visual cue to your pet.  The I-Click is also suitable for disabled people, allowing it to be dropped to the floor and clicked with a foot, or strapped to a wheelchair and clicked with a palm.


Comes in a variety of colours, although colour cannot be specified when ordering.


Don’t forget your Wrist Coil, to allow you to ensure your I-Click is always to hand when required.


Pet Necessities recommends this product for:

  • Hands-free training.
  • Teaching your pet a multitude of fun tricks.  Not only will this make your pet more responsive to you, but it helps to mentally stimulate them as well.  Great fun!
  • To focus the unresponsive, easily-distracted dog.
  • In dogs, dealing with specific issues, for example, aggression towards other dogs or noise phobias.
  • People unable to use a box-style clicker.


Pet Necessities recommends the use of this product with the treats, books, treat bags and target sticks found in our Clicker Training SectionPet Necessities strongly believes that the I-Click is the best clicker on the market.  Don’t just take our word for it … give it a try!


The I-Click can also be purchased together with a Wrist Coil at a reduced price. 


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