K9 Connectables Interactive Dog Toys

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K9 Connectables interactive puzzle toys.



K9 Connectables Interactive Dog Toys provide excellent mental stimulation opportunities for your dog.  Dogs of all ages, sizes and ability levels will benefit from these toys.  Stuff the toy with food and let your dog work out how to unlock the treats.


K9 Connectables Supplier

Benefits of the K9 Connectables:

  • Stuff with food to provide essential stimulation for your dog
  • Encourages your dog to use their natural instincts to search and hunt for food
  • Dishwasher safe on the top rack
  • Made from non-toxic rubber and BPA and Phthalate free
  • Can be put together in many different ways, making it a unique toy every time
  • Excellent for keeping your dog challenged, occupied and stimulated
  • The whole range of dog toys float in water
  • They are suitable for games of fetch; a safer alternative to sticks
  • K9 Connectables The Original fits into a standard sized ball launcher

K9 Connectables provide essential mental stimulation for dogs.
As with any toy it is important to supervise use.  Ensure you remove the toy from your dog if it is damaged; no toy is completely indestructible.  Not suitable for extreme chewers.


Available as pack of three.  Free postage will be applied at the checkout.

  • Tech Bone: You can stuff the holes of this toy with peanut butter or cheese spread, as well as hard treats. Approximate length, 22cm.
  • The Original: Has two connection levels of difficulty. Approximate width, 7cm.
  • The Dentist: With small grooves to encourage teeth cleaning as your dog chews.  Comes with three connection levels of difficulty, making them harder to break away from the Tech Bone than The Original Toys. Approximate width at widest part, 6cm.


Colours may vary from those shown.


We sell a wide range of healthy dog treats, suitable for use in these toys.

K9 Connectables Puzzle Packs

Available in three sizes:

Mini: for dogs weighing 3-9 kg

Medium: for dogs weighing 8 – 25 kg – OUT OF STOCK

Large: for dogs weighing 20-40 kg

Puzzle packs contain two toys: The Original & the Dentist.  This allows you to increase the level of difficulty and extend playtime.



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1 review for K9 Connectables Interactive Dog Toys

  1. Vicki

    Merlin has just got these for his birthday and we both love them. He is a bright dog that can work out toys easily, and he is a hard core chewer. However, I can make this toy as easy or hard as I like, the fact you can change the combination keeps it interesting for him, and he hasn’t made a dent in the toy, despite his best efforts. I’ve already enjoyed filling this toy with a variety of cheese, peanut butter, kibble, chicken … and the pieces are small enough that it doesn’t take long to freeze some yogurt in there with little effort. I like that you can pop it in the dishwasher, and it comes without that smell that some food toys come with (that has caused my other half to ban them from the dishwasher or the freezer!). I was a little sceptical when we unwrapped this gift, but quite frankly, it is one of the best toys he has been given and I would really recommend it!

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