Kong Classic Extra Large

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Increase your dog’s mental stimulation with a stuffed Kong.

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Kong Classic  is the World’s Best Dog ToyTM!  Enthusiastically recommended by dog professionals worldwide including trainers, behaviourists, veterinarians, rescue staff, breeders, etc.  
 All dogs require mental stimulation, and the Kong Classic provides this.
The secret is in the design and especially in the materials: natural rubber with remarkable elasticity that withstands the toughest chewers. Dogs just love the taste, smell and texture of the Kong and studies show they can be a real comfort to stressed, lonely or bored dogs. The unique shape of the Kong Classic produces an unpredictable bounce, satisfying the dog’s hunting instincts as he enthusiastically pursues the toy’s erratic movements. Great for stuffing and keeping your dog occupied.
Kong Classic will help keep your dog occupied if stuffed with food.

Sizes of the Kong Classic:

  • Extra Large: Suitable for breeds such as German Shepherd, Newfoundland

Pet Necessities recommends this product to:

  • Increase mental stimulation in bored dogs
  • Relieve worries of being left alone
  • Teach calm behaviour
  • Give positive associations to areas such as a crate. In our opinion, a stuffed Kong is essential when dog crate training
  • Help keep worried dogs’ minds off scary situations like fireworks. 


Emptying the contents of the Kong Classic is a great physical and mental challenge for your dog.

Pet Necessities’ Training Tips:

  • Why not squeeze some healthy Fish4Dogs Treats inside the Kong to make it really hard to get out?
  • Stuff and freeze the Kong to make it harder to empty and cooling on hot days.
  • Microwave with contents of kibble and cheese until melted – yummy!
  • Don’t forget, daily food allowance can be used inside the Kong too.  If using dried kibble, mix with something wet to help keep the contents inside and make it a tougher challenge!
  • We also have a large selection of stuffing recipes on our website in our Toy Stuffing Recipes section.

Your dog would really enjoy earning their daily food allowance from the Kong Classic. 

All pictures for demonstration, does not reflect the size of the toy.

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