Kong Puppy Teething Stick Large

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Clean teeth and help alleviate sore gums with the Puppy Teething Stick.



These are ideal to use during a puppy’s teething stage (2 – 9 months of age) and are great when used in conjunction with pet toothpaste. Simply squeeze a small amount into the grooves and let puppy enjoy.

The specially designed grooves close over teeth and gently clean and condition both teeth and gums, while the chewing action helps to alleviate sore gums as a result of teething.

The Large Kong Puppy Teething stick is suitable for breeds such as Golden Retriever, Dobermann.

As with all treats and toys, it is important to supervise use.

Pet Necessities recommends this product for:
  • Helping with teething, which will reduce play biting.
  • Keeping your puppy occupied and stimulated.


Pet Necessities recommends Kronch Salmon Treats and Fish4Dogs Super Star Training Treats for use with this product.  They can be inserted into the grooves to encourage appropriate chewing behaviour.


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