Kong Zoom Groom


Help your dog love being groomed with the Zoom Groom massaging brush.



The Kong Zoom Groom does not yank or pull like other brushes and actually massages and grooms at the same time, helping to remove loose hair/dirt and condition the skin.  This is the most effective tool for removing a dog’s undercoat.  Can also be used during shampooing to aid the removal of hair.


The Zoom Groom also helps to calm stressed or anxious pets, a favourite technique during veterinary consultations.

Available in pink and blue.

Pet Necessities’ Training Tips for the Kong Zoom Groom:

  • Get puppies used to grooming with the Zoom Groom. They will love the massaging feel and learn to accept grooming sessions.  You can also feed them treats whilst using this grooming brush to give them an added positive association.
  • For dogs that have a negative association with grooming and will not allow it, start again with the Zoom Groom! Build up positive experiences of being groomed without the associated pain of some grooming devices.
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