Mikki Dog Training Treat Bag


A treat bag with a fully adjustable belt strap and easy-close treat pouch.


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The Mikki Dog Training Treat Bag allows single handed access to your dog training treats.


Benefits of the Mikki Dog Training Treat Bag:

  • Ideal for basic, advanced, or competitive training
  • Helps keep clothes/pockets free from stains and smells
  • Easy-close treat pouch for single handed access to treats
  • Removable pouch for washing and treat storage
  • Fully adjustable belt strap


Pet Necessities’ Top Tips:

  • Remember that the timing of food rewards is essential; there is no time to look around in your coat pocket or fiddle around in that plastic bag for the piece of food.
  • Having food in your hand when training may cue your dog to respond to you only when food is present.  A treat bag is more inconspicuous and can be hidden underneath a long coat or jumper. 
  • No more mouldy cheese in your pockets!  The Mikki Deluxe Treat Bag can be easily rinsed and allowed to dry, ready for the next training session.
  • In conclusion, we recommend the use of this product with any of the dog treats sold by Pet Necessities.


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