Nutcase bird toy

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Watch your bird go nuts for nuts!

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The Nutcase bird toy is a giant peanut-shaped holder, the perfect way to dispense the real thing.  Made of tough, natural, bird-safe rubber the holes are just big enough to squeeze a peanut through.  To use it, just fill the bird toy, hang it in your pet’s cage and watch your bird go nuts for nuts!


The Nutcase is suitable for all birds.


  • Total length 23cm
  • Width at widest part 8cm.


Nutcase bird toy


Benefits of the Nutcase bird toy:

  • To encourage natural foraging behaviours in your bird.
  • Birds are very intelligent animals and therefore need a lot of stimulation.  The Nutcase will help to keep them amused for some time.
  • To reduce unwanted behaviours such as frustration, excessive vocalisation or feather plucking.


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