Training Your Pet Rat – Gerry Bucsis and Barbara Somerville

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Everything you need to know about keeping your pet rat amused and stimulated.

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Training your Pet Rat will advise you on virtually all aspects of rat training, caging, feeding and management.  Written by Gerry Bucsis and Barbara Somerville.


This book also contains a detailed discussion of caging, including do-it-yourself ideas on ways to improve on commercially available pet rat enclosures.  You’ll also find advice on rat trainability, and specific rat training instructions.


Approximately 90 full-colour photos.


There are many rats that require a home.  Please consider rescuing rather than purchasing from a pet shop.  Please see the Wood Green website for more information.

Pet Necessities recommends Training your Pet Rat Book for:

  • Anyone who owns pet rats.  If you think you know everything there is to know and that rat training is not possible, think again; this book covers areas you have never even considered!
  • For those that own rats and want to learn more about teaching them fun tricks such as targeting or retrieving.  Rats are incredibly intelligent animals and require a lot of stimulation.


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