Treat Ball Dog Food Toy


A food-dispensing toy for smaller dogs or puppies.

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This treat ball is great for small dogs who cannot cope with the larger food-dispensing toys on the market, or for “teaching” puppies how to use treat-dispensing toys.  It is perfect for occupying and stimulating dogs, as each time the dog moves the treat ball he is rewarded by the release of food. Simply place the treats or dry kibble into the centre of the toy and watch as your dog enjoys the challenge!

Good Boy Dog Treat Ball

Made from safe, non-toxic plastic, this treat ball is easy to clean with an adjustable opening to allow different sizes of treat to be utilised.  


Suitable for breeds such as Yorkshire Terrier, Cocker Spaniel.  Suitable for all breeds when puppies, but some will grow out of it in time.


Supplied in a variety of designs, which unfortunately cannot be specified when ordering.


As with all interactive toys, it is important to supervise play.


Approximate size: diameter 11cm.


Also suitable for rabbits.

Pet Necessities recommends this product for:

  • Bored and under-stimulated dogs.
  • Dogs that eat their meals too quickly, risking bloat. Also see our selection of Slow Down Bowls.
  • Helping keep a worried dog’s mind off scary situations, such as fireworks.  
  • Ideal for use with Nature’s Menu Treats, Fish4Dogs Superstar Training Treats and Kronch Salmon Treats found here.

Pet Necessities’ Training Tips

  • Why not try feeding some or all of your dog’s daily food allowance from this treat ball?  It is a waste letting him eat it in less than a minute, why not make it last twenty?


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