Rescue Dog House Visits

Rescue Dog House Visits

This two hour service is suitable for people who have taken on a rescue dog in the last four weeks, but are having difficulties settling them in your home environment.

Many owners don’t know instinctively how to train a dog in the right way, so we are here to help you.

Rescue Dog House Visits

The Visit

It may be that you are struggling with the relaxation, house training, basic training, handling or interactions with any other animals or children in the household.  Advice will be given on how to turn them into the well-mannered family pet that you can enjoy owning.

Rescue dogs living in your home longer than 4 weeks can of course be helped, but will require an individual training or behaviour consultation service, dependent on the problem presented. Any dogs showing aggressive behaviour will need to be referred by their veterinary surgeon, please contact us for further information.

The Cost

£90.00 within a 5 mile radius of Egham, Surrey.

£105.00 within a 5 – 10 mile radius of Egham, Surrey.

Visits thereafter are possible, but fees will be calculated on a mileage basis.