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Sardine Yoghurt and Fish4Dogs Sea Wrap Kong Stuffing Recipe

Stuffed Kong Recipe

Fans of our Facebook page will know how much we value the mental stimulation provided by food-stuffed dog toys.  This will be the topic of this blog.  We are renowned for the quality of our Kong Stuffing recipes, so read on to add another to your recipe list.


Mental Stimulation is vitally important for many reasons.  Our pets require mental stimulation as much as physical exercise. Dogs that are under-stimulated or bored often present many of the problems reported to trainers and behaviourists.  These include behaviours such as stealing items, jumping up, inappropriate chewing, digging etc. Numerous breeds of dog kept as pets were historically bred to do a job.  Working breeds in particular, are very difficult to physically exhaust!


Mental Stimulation is also invaluable when your dog is unable to receive as much physical exercise as they are used to.  This is all too common.  It can be down to your own illness, your dog recovering from illness or injury, or extremes of weather.  Dogs used to regularly receiving mental stimulation are more likely to settle on occasions when they can’t be as physically active as they are used to.


Using a suitable toy for stuffing, along with a variety of food/treat types and stuffing techniques will provide vital mental stimulation that is easy to do, and not necessarily expensive.  There are many toys for dogs that are suitable for stuffing with food; the ones recommended by Pet Necessities Online can be found here.


The best dog interactive toys for this particular recipe are a Kong or Tux.  The ingredients you need are some natural yoghurt, tinned sardines and Fish4Dogs Sea Wraps.  


Drain the oil from the sardines and mash. 


Stuffed Kong Recipe


Stir in some natural yoghurt; just enough to hold the fish together.


Stuffed Kong Recipe


Spoon the mixture into your toy of choice.  Once stuffed with the mixture, push a Sea Wrap into it, leaving a small part sticking out.  (This will give your dog an instant reward and encourage him to try hard to remove the rest of the filling.)  Freeze and then serve to your dog.


Stuffed Kong Recipe


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