Adult Dog Training

Adult Dog Training Course

A well-trained dog is a joy to live with.  Whatever age you acquire a dog, there can be training issues that you may need help with.   Adult dogs, if untrained, can have a number of annoying habits such as jumping up at people, stealing food, not coming back when called, chasing joggers or cyclists and pulling on the lead.

Training dogs of any age is possible, with patience, consistency and kindness.

Adult Dog Training Course

The Course

Suitable for dogs that need a touch-up on general training, or maybe you have a rescue dog that needs the basics.  Topics covered in our dog training classes include how to have a dog that will relax on command, sit, lay-down, walk nicely on a loose lead, come back when called, not jump up, and have general good manners.

This course is not suitable for dogs with aggression issues towards dogs or people.  For these dogs, a behaviour consultation would need to be arranged.

We allow a maximum of 6 dogs per class.

The Cost

For dogs over six months only.

6 week course – £90.00