Puppy Training

Puppy Training Course

If taught correctly, your puppy will learn very quickly to respond to your cues through love, affection and rewards. Puppy training will help build a lasting bond between dog and owner, a bond built through trust and not intimidation. Our main goal is to create a happy and confident dog, but one that is also responsive to our requests.


We have many years’ experience of training puppies and we run our classes on a regular basis.

Training dogs of any age is possible, with patience, consistency and kindness.

Puppy Training Services

The Course

Topics covered in our puppy training classes include how to have a dog that will relax on command, sit, lay-down, walk nicely on a loose lead, come back when called, not jump up, and have general good manners.  There will always be an opportunity to ask any puppy-related questions on areas you are struggling with e.g. play biting.  We also give lots of guidance on socialisation and how to avoid behaviour problems developing.

We allow a maximum of 6 dogs per class.

The Cost

For dogs under six months only.

6 week course – £90.00