Improvers and Advanced Training

Improvers and Advanced Training Courses

We run more advanced courses, for those who want to build on the foundations our beginner courses offer.  We believe a 6-week course is a really good starting point, but it’s so beneficial to progress your training to proof your dog’s responsiveness in a variety of challenging scenarios.

We train outdoors and in a ‘real life’ fashion, so exercises geared up to real-life environments, not whether your dog can walk around a village hall in the “heel” position.

Improvers and Advanced Training Courses

The Course

Topics on this course will be tailored to the class’ requirements, and
special attention will be given to ensuring you can get your dog’s
attention when there are distractions present.  We will teach exercises such as:

*Recalling your dog past and away from distractions
*Proofing your dog’s “sit” and/or “down” position
*Loose lead walking with real-life challenges
*An emergency stop
*Walking in the “heel” position with no lead
*Send to a bed or mat
*Self-control exercises

We allow a maximum of 6 dogs per class.

The Cost

6 week course – £90.00

Suitable for dogs of any age.

For those who have completed a beginner level course with us, or a similar training establishment.