House Visits

Train with us and have a happy and well-behaved dog
House Visits

Some people prefer to have a personal dog trainer, rather than attend a group training session.  Or, maybe you have a training problem specific to your house, garden, or the surrounding area and therefore dog training at home is a better option.

House Visits

The Service

We can give you an awful lot of guidance in a one hour house visit.
Examples of problem behaviours normally targeted during this service:

*Barking around the home and garden
*Behaviour leaving the home
*Jumping up at visitors
*Jumping up at work surfaces
*Lack of inability to relax around the home
*Innapropriate behaviours in the garden (e.g. digging)

One hour session of private dog training, a two hour option is available if required.

The Cost

£50.00 within a 5 mile radius of Egham, Surrey

£60.00 within a 5 – 10 mile radius of Egham, Surrey

Visits thereafter are possible, but fees will be calculated on a mileage basis.