Puppy House Visits

Train with us and have a happy and well-behaved dog
Puppy House Visits

Suitable for puppies not yet inoculated and therefore unable to attend puppy school.  You may be super-keen and want to start teaching your dog the basic training commands before they can go on walks or to make sure they settle in your home in the best possible way.


Puppy House Visits

The Visit

Many people take their puppy to classes at twelve weeks of age, eager to hear all of the tips on how to deal with topics such as play biting and toilet training, but why wait until then?  That is four weeks that you have wasted, possibly doing the wrong thing.  Have a trainer meet you when your puppy comes to show you the best way to train him or her, to get you started on the right path.

A two hour session in your home, to answer any questions you have regarding your puppy’s behaviour, and to receive guidance as to how to raise a confident, well-mannered dog. Training a puppy isn’t easy, but we will give you support based upon our many years’ of experience.

Example areas covered:
*Crate/pen training
*Night-time crying
*Toilet training
*Play biting
*Handling exercises
*Appropriate socialisation
*Teaching to be left alone

The Cost

£70.00 within a 5 mile radius of Egham, Surrey

£80.00 within a 5 – 10 mile radius of Egham, Surrey

Visits thereafter are possible, but fees will be calculated on a mileage basis.